What Are The Best Blender And Food Processor For 2016? You Should Know Right Now!

You may have heard about how the Best Blender And Food Processor give convenience in the kitchen so you are planning to buy one. But before committing to any purchase, you may still be having reservations and questions about it.

It’s reasonable.

Before buying any Blender or Food Processor on the market, you have the right to know everything about it – its functions and the best products that the market can offer. Before purchasing one, you should refer to this article to know all these.

Both products are actually the best sellers in the online market now.


Blender And Food Processor: Differentiated

best blender and food processor
best blender and food processor

  • Blender’s razor are not sharp and they can only crush certain fruits and food. They are mostly compatible with liquids and other wet food, unlike the Food Processor. Smoothies and frozen cocktails are the food that is fit for Blenders and their motor are sharp enough to crush ice! Aside from these beverages, you can also use the blender for soup.
  • On the other side, Food Processor has blades that ridged and sharper razors compared to Blenders. Food Processor’s motor is for solid unlike Blenders which are used for liquids. The Food Processor is a multi-tasking object and it also efficient when used. They are also used for hard fruits and food like nuts and seeds. They can also substitute your kitchen knife – they can chop onions, garlic, and others. The Food Processor is also practical in making pastry doughs because of its quick motor.

Proper Way Of Using A Blender

Owning a Blender also means that you have to maintain its quality by knowing how to use it well. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Make sure that your Blender is in a good working condition. One way of maintaining it to be of such condition is to clean it every time you use it.
  • In using it, though, you have to makes sure that it is plugged in. The thing is, if you are convinced that it looks good and that it seems l like it is in a good working condition, then you can say that it is safe to use.
  • You can then put your ingredients inside your Blender. It is important to know that when you are blending an ice, make sure that a little bit of liquid goes with it so that the machine can do its job well, without having to strain itself.
best blender and food processor
  • Put the feeder cap on and hold it tight. You can always add an ingredient by removing the feeder cap, but if it is in the process of blending and you do not have any ingredients to add, it is best to cover it and hold it tight, unless you want to have quite a lot of mess in your countertop.
  • Let the machine blend your ingredients by choosing any of the buttons that can be found in it. If you just do not know what to choose, then you can have a little bit of an experiment and check to see which is more efficient. However, the machines usually provide their instructions in it on what option to choose depending on what you are going to blend.
best blender and food processor
  • If you're done blending, you can actually open the lid and pour it on your glasses or plates. It is then ready for serving.
  • After all has been done, you have to clean your Blender for future use. Cleaning it is way too simple, you just have to take the blades off and wash the two parts separately. And remember not to put your Blender's base in the water.

Find The Best Blender For Your Needs

You can spend as little $20 on a new Blender or more. You expect greater and better results when the product is expensive. But there are exceptions. You can’t always rely on that judgment. I can help you finding the best blender for you. Note: Their prices are updated continuously on Amazon.

Compare Types

Your new Blender must depend on how you want to use them. There are the four main types of Blender which you can choose from.

  • High-Performance Blender: These Blenders serve up frozen beverages drinks, silky-smooth smoothies, and anything that contains more liquid. You can also make hot soup or churn ice cream.
  • Conventional Blender: These are less expensive compared with the first model. However, they are still best for low blending tasks like as milkshakes, smoothies, and other cold or hot cocktails.
  • Personal Blender: A relatively new Blender category that enables people to shake, mix juices and fruits to have it on the go. They can’t work heavy blending. You can choose the best Blender under 100 for your kitchen.
  • Immersion Blender: It is usually a cylindrical device that has exposed blades. This can be taken as a complement to your countertop Blender than a replacement.

Blender’s Storage

This ensure that you can keep your Blender in your kitchen and that it perfectly suits with your kitchen’ space.

Immersion Blenders and personal Blenders can be easily put into your drawer because they are basically contacted. Different types of blender vary in their size. Pay attention to the number and the size to any attachments of the blender because they can surely occupy some space in your kitchen.

How To Find The Best Food Processor: Things To Consider

A Food Processor can:

Best Blender And Food Processor
  • Chop solid ingredients such as nuts and bread.
  • Puree vegetables. You have to take note of the bowl shape and blade design. They affect a processor’s performance. If you have a baby, you can find the Best Blenders to help you with your puree.
  • Grind meat. Generally, the Food Processor is the most convenient way to grind any meat when cooking. Meat can be hard to chop so strong motor and sharper blade is needed.
  • ​Bowl design affect the way blades and the ingredients mix. Make sure perfect emulsion is achieved.
  • Knead bread dough is the most heavy-duty task of all. In choosing Food Processor, make sure the motor is strong enough to quickly to this task.





What Are Some Of The Best Blender And Food Processors You Can Have?











The Best Blender And Food Processor Are:

I have tried all these products and so far, based on my experiences of these products, the Best Blender to buy is the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System. It is cheap, blends smoothly that unlocks food’s minerals and vitamins and is dishwasher safe.

On the other side, the Best Food Processor for me is the Hamilton Beach 70730 8-Cup Food Processor, Black. Aside from it has also many advantages like its convenient buttons, suction cups-base, its light weight and strong power, it is also cheaper compared to other brand’s product.

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