What Is The Best Coffee Canister For Fresh Coffee?

Coffee storage is a primary and vital concern to anyone who loves good coffee. The coffee should be stored in a container that will bring the best out of it. There are different types of coffee canisters to choose from on the market. You should be careful on the type of canister that you want. After grinding your coffee beans with the best burr grinder, you can store it in the best coffee canister for prolonged shelf life.

While choosing a coffee canister, it is very important to consider the following factors. The information will help you to choose the best canister for your coffee.


Tight Seals

Best coffee canister

It is important that you store your coffee in a place where the air is out. You may consider a canister that has a rubber ring around the lid. This will help to keep the air out. When the coffee canisters are airtight, they will prevent and eliminate the negative effects of exposure to moisture, air, excessive heat, and direct sunlight.

This keeps your coffee fresh and maintains the aroma and the good taste. If the coffee is not well sealed, these factors can make the coffee to lose its nice flavor but with a good tight seal, the flavor is retained and the aromatic smell maintained.

The Vaults

Another important factor to consider in the choice of a canister is the vaults. These vaults help the coffee canister to maintain the aroma and freshness of the coffee. An effective vault has a carbon dioxide venting valves which will preserve the freshness of the ground coffee for a long period of time. The venting valves force the air and the oxygen out and close the lid so that these damaging factors do not get back into the canister.

Best coffee canister

The Coffee Scoop

It is also important to consider a canister that has a scoop whether metallic scoop or plastic scoop. The scoop will enable you to enjoy your coffee to the last drop. You might also consider a scoop that is fixed to the container so that it continually serves from the container, this will assist you to maintain the hygiene of your coffee. Some canisters have an inbuilt magnetic device that keeps the coffee scoop inside the container.


Since carbon dioxide and other factors like sunlight and heat are undoubtedly damaging to the coffee, the coffee canister should be one that cannot break and leak easily to allow the penetration of the unwanted air, moisture, and carbon dioxide entry. Therefore, a canister ought to be durable and long lasting. Their structure should be of high quality, one that removes any possible worry while handling it. The rubber seals should also be durable and hold firm to the lid.

To make your work easier, we reviewed the best coffee canisters on the market. You can consider them and pick the one that you like.

Top 5 The Best Coffee Canisters

1. Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Stainless, Vault Steel

The Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Stainless, Vault steel canister has a stainless-steel base. The lid is free of BPA and is made of polymer. The canister blocks out air and light to shut in the coffee flavor. Fresh coffee has the best flavor. This canister provides the best storage for quality coffee freshness.

The Friis Freshness valve expels away carbon dioxide gases that result from the roasting process. When you keep your coffee in this canister you can be sure that it stays longer and fresh. This canister holds up to 16 Ounces of coffee beans. The Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Stainless, Vault steel canister comes hand in hand with a measuring spoon and a one year supply Friis freshness valves.


  • It has a coffee vault-coffee savor that keeps the coffee ever freshIt includes a one year of Friis freshness valves that helps to expel out the detrimental CO2 gasses.
  • It has an air-tight storage this also helps to block the damaging sunlight in case your kitchen is exposed to direct sunlight and also locks out air and moisture.
  • It has a good storage capacity. It can store up to 16 Ounces of whole or ground coffee.
  • It has a beautiful range of colors. You can pick the one that will perfectly match your kitchen décor.
  • It is good looking with a well-constructed canister with a tight rubber seal.
  • It has a great finish and is very easy to clean.


  • It can rust if it is used in an environment with moisture
  • It is made from stainless steel that is not of high quality. The material is not resistant to rust and pitting.
  • The wall is too thin and not sturdy.

2. BlinkOne Coffee Canister

It is important to keep coffee’s aroma and freshness for a long time. This Coffee Canister ensures that your coffee remains fresh and the aroma is maintained. The canister has a scoop that is magnetic. It is built to keep the coffee beans fresh and sealed for a long time. It has the ability to block out sunlight, steam, heat and moisture to the maximum and gives you a daily enjoyment fresh brew coffee. It is possible by using this canister to safely keep your coffee and prolong the life of your coffee.


  • It is made of stainless steel with a beautiful design.
  • It has a BO339CC which keeps the coffee fresh by removing any possible risk of oxidation.
  • The BlinkOne canister has a unique airtight BPA silicone seal that helps preserve the freshness of the ground coffee.
  • It is made of high-quality stainless-steel material that erases the worry of any possible air leak, moisture entry, and carbon dioxide penetration.
  • This canister is multi-purpose. It can be used to keep other products such as sugar salt, tea, and other fresh ingredients.
  • It has a built-in magnetic device that keeps the coffee scoop within the canister.
  • BlinkOne canister comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It looks beautiful and can add beauty to your counter.


  • It has a plastic rim that makes it difficult when tilting the canister to get the last ground coffee out due to the inconvenient gap under it.
  • The plastic rim also makes the canister’s cleaning a bit hectic
  • The top does not close tightly and the magnet in the lid is not so strong to hold the scoop.
  • The scoop is a little bit short.

3. Coffee Gator Large Canister With A Scoop And EBook, Blue

The coffee gator canister is an incredible coffee container that is airtight with a built-in valve to maintain the freshness of the ground coffee for a long period of time. The canister is of a premium quality and stainless and also comes hand in hand with a free stainless steel scoop. The canister keeps the flavor locked in and the valve also helps to vent away CO2 gas. Its main aim is to allow you enjoy the best coffee. It also comes with an eBook.


  • The material used for making the coffee gator canister is stainless hence easy to clean.
  • The canister has a built-in valve that is able to keep your ground coffee fresh for a long period of time.
  • The lid fastener is smooth and undoubtedly gives a nice tight seal on the lid that prevents damaging components like CO2 and sunlight from interfering with your coffee.
  • The one-way valve also allows CO2 to leave and stops light and air from penetrating and destroying the flavor.
  • This product has a useful wheel on the lid to trail the expiry date so as to enable to serve the coffee at its prime.
  • The locking system is very easy to use and also comes with a permanent filter hence no need for a filter replacement.
  • It’s also beautiful and great to look at and adds beauty to your counter.


  • The product looks very light this makes it durability questionable.
  • The product hardware fits a little loose and can be a bit worrying

4. Coffee Storage Canister With AirScape Steel, Airtight Container, 64 fl. oz. - Black

This coffee canister that has AirScape steel is airtight to ensure that the stored food stays fresh. It has a planetary design that is the best combination of durability and beautiful design. This design has revolutionized the old method of preparing coffee using the French coffee press. It has solved the storage problem with AirScape.

This container is designed with a technique that helps to remove the substance-eating air. The valve is used to force out the air and lock the lid. It is a multi-purpose canister that can be used to store other things like brown sugar, tea, cookies and others. The container is resistant to staining, odour, taste, and flavor transfer. This is because of the durable construction.


  • It has a patented valve that is used to force out the air and oxygen and then it locks the lid.
  • It restores the freshness of food and keeps the moisture in when it is needed and shuts humidity out when it is not needed.
  • The container and the clear lid are easy to wash. Though it is advisable not to wash the inner sealing lid.
  • It is stain resistant and also odour resistant.
  • It is durable and even after a long period of usage the rubber seals holds firm.
  • The top plastic cover allows you to have a look into the canister and to keep track the level of your coffee.


  • The rubberised bottom does not slide around easily.
  • The design has been changed to exclude the one-way valve and only works for those not interested in storing coffee beans right after roasting.
  • There’s a notable change in the quality control

5. The Black Stainless BeanSafe, Coffee Storage Solution

BeanSafe stainless coffee storage canister is known for its ability to preserve the coffee’s freshness for both roasted beans and the grounded coffee. This coffee storage container is awesome and has a great airtight fit that is so easy to close. It comes in beautiful colors such as the deep red that looks beautiful on the counter. It has a BPA- free polypropylene lid which has pressure release valve. This valve works on its own to release CO2 build up and closes to keep the air out and also block the entrance of heat, light, and moisture.


  • The BeanSafe valve is dishwasher safe and durable
  • This coffee canister comes with a coffee scoop
  • It has an airtight fit which is so easy to both open and close
  • It looks gorgeous on the counter and compliments perfectly other items within the counter.
  • Can keep the French press grind fresh and holds the pound easily.
  • The polypropylene lid is BPA free and has a pressure release valve that releases CO2 build up and closes to keep the air, heat, and sunlight out.


  • The top is held with fold up tabs of creased plastic this makes its durability questionable.
  • The clips that also hold the lid to the canister also look too weak.
  • Its size is so limited and can’t contain large amounts of grounded coffee.

The Best Coffee Canister Is:


I prefer the Coffee Gator Canister to other coffee canisters. This is because the Gator coffee canister has an airtight lid and has a built-in valve that makes its ability to keep the coffee fresh and lock in the flavor for a long time unquestionable. This canister also comes with a free stainless steel scoop that helps you enjoy your fresh coffee to the last scoop.

The most interesting feature that most of the canisters lack and exists in gator canister is the availability of a handy wheel on the lid to track the expiry date and enable you to enjoy your coffee. The one-way valve helps in removing carbon dioxide and also restraining air and light from penetrating the lid. Its filter is permanent and the container is beautiful to look at on the counter.

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