The Best Fillet Knife 2016, You Have to Know This!

One of the best recipes to make is a fish fillet. It can also be an ingredient for another delicious recipe. However, it is a common knowledge that you have to use a special knife to debone a fish. You cannot just choose one from your kitchen utensils, you have to choose the best. In order for you to be guided in choosing the best Fillet Knife, this article is made.

best fish fillet knife


Features Of The Best Fillet Knife

First, you have to know what the benefits are in using the best fillet knife. For one, it enables you to separate the bones from that of the fish. When you use the best Fillet Knife, you will also have the best results. With it, it will be much easier for you to remove the bones from the fish and get more flesh that you could have when you don’t use the best Fillet Knife.

You will also want to know the features of the best Fillet Knife to reduce doubts in your decision in purchasing one. You have to consider these features in choosing the one the best knife for you.

  • Blades.

    The blades are the ones that you should most consider in choosing a knife. Nowadays, a stainless which has become the standard of every blade makers and owners are not enough anymore. You should not forget and fail to check the name of the manufacturer and its brand name, aside from the consumer reviews for that product.

    The size of the blade should also be taken into account. It would be better if you choose the blades that have different sizes because you may be asked to fillet a variety of sizes of fillet. It's nice when you're prepared for all those kinds of sizes.
Best fillet knife
  • Handle.

    This is another feature that you shouldn’t miss. It can give you a great deal of comfort so it would be best if you choose the one that would fit your preference. You have to know that there are three types of handles: wood, plastic, and rubber.

    For me, the plastic and rubber ones are more preferable than a wooden one since it would rot when it absorbs a great deal of water, plus it could also get slippery over time which may cause an injury which we wouldn’t want to happen.
  • Flexibility.

    This feature is also an important one but you cannot measure it by any standard. It would only depend on how you use your knife and what is its size. In my opinion, the knife is more flexible when it has smaller blades.
  • Electrical or manual.

    You should also decide whether you are going to choose an electrical or a manual one. All electric knives for fish fillet can be said versatile and they are truly efficient in working on larger fishes. It can also give you control as well as lessen the time and effort in doing the task at hand. However, the difficulty here is that it may be very complicated to use and you have to have some kind of tutorial on how to do it in such a way that you don’t get to waste too much meat.

    Manual fish fillet knives on the other hand, can help you conserve most of the meat. You can have more control of the knife, giving you a lesser chance of wasting the flesh. However, in using this, you will have to master the technique of doing the task. Manual knives are also less expensive than that of the electric ones and the latter is known to bother you with carrying the battery.

Advantages Of Using The Best Fillet Knife

Using the best Fillet Knife can also give you quite a lot of advantages.

Best fillet knife
  • It is thin enough to make its way between the bones and meat in such a way that it does not damage much of the flesh of the fish. This is why you should also consider the sizes of the blade that are available for you to purchase.
  • Because of the certainty of controlling this knife, you can be sure that there is only a minimum loss of the meat while you debone the fish.
  • ​Using this, you may be able to conclude that filleting is better than it have been before
  • You can also clean a fish that has just been freshly caught. You can do your job also to clean the fish while you fillet it, and you can do it with ease since this knife enables you to do just that.

The purpose for the fish fillet knife is that it is meant to remove the bones of the fish, conserving its meat. This kind of knife can easily lay in between of the skin and the top layer of the meat of a fish. The biggest concern that there is a fillet knife is that it may slip and therefore cut the skin of the ones who are near it. There is also the danger of having the blade damaged if the bone is thicker.

5 Best Fillet Knives That You Can Consider

 1. Rapala Fish Fillet Knife


  • This product has three different sizes for your taste: 4", 6", and 7".
  • It is tapered progressively with full tang of blades made of stainless steel from Scandinavia, it takes an edge that is extra sharp.
  • Its handle is made of good-looking birch which is truly durable. It also boasts of its fine leather sheath and a sharpener that is single stage which makes it easy to use.
  • For me, it is an excellent all-around fillet knife. It provides quality and it does come with a leather sheath which is as impressive as it could ever be. It is good enough to fillet even the soft skinned fish.
  • ​Also, the blade stays to be excellently sharp and it has just the right amount of flexibility that it could ever have. This is a good quality material and it has a good flexibility for a fillet knife.


  • However, the knife became very dull after some use. It actually seemed to lose it edge pretty quick.
  • You also have to put oil in it because if not, then it is prone to rust.
  • The handle also is a bare wood that is not treated at all. It may have been better if a varnish or some kind of poly coat is applied on it.

 2. Kershaw Fillet Knife


  • This product's blade is made of steel with a satin finish. It actually has a blade length of 9 inches which is equivalent to 22.9 cm.
  • Its handle is made of co-polymer.
  • The overall length of this knife is 14.25 inches which is comfortable enough for you to manipulate in filleting your fish.
  • Plus, it also includes a sheath in its package which is truly helpful whenever you want to make the blade sharper that it already is.
  • When get to use it, it tends to give you some kind of a great feel. It could just fit your hand and it makes the grip solid enough to prevent it from slipping off and cause much damage.
  • The blade is too sharp that you will have to provide your other hand a hand guard to be extra careful.
  • This is also flexible enough to be controlled and therefore follow the curvature of the fish without wasting too much meat in the process. Despite its flexibility, it doesn’t wobble when having a hard straight cut on the, and it does maintain its edge impressively.


  • However, it started to rust after some time of using it. It turned kind of dull also.
  • The knife is huge in itself, it is very thick and the shank is stiff until its last bit of 2".
  • And speaking of its handle, it is only easy to grip when your hands are wet or when they are covered with slime.

3. Morakniv Fishing Fillet Knife


  • This product features a quality knife with blades made of stainless steel.
  • It usually comes in two sizes, this one comes with a 3.5 inches which is shorter than the previous model.
  • It has a handle that is patterned with a high-friction grip. It comes with a sheath also and it is an easy to clean one, in case you might use it for a couple of times. The
  • The stainless steel has a chromium content which makes it less susceptible to corrosion which is a good feature since it would be used to fillet a fish and they may have the substance that may cause such corrosion to the knife.
  • The blade is really impressively flexible and it has a very sharp edge.
  • As it comes out of the box, it is razor sharp and it sharpens easily.
  • It can also hold an edge extremely well. Its blade is thick and long enough for your convenience of using.
  • Its blade also has its easy to moderate flex and it as well locks tight into its plastic sheath that comes with it. the sheath is also as durable as you would want it to be.
  • It allows for an easy cleaning or rinsing and it prevents rust as well as debris build-up which you may not be comfortable of noticing.


  • However, it is flimsy and the sheath leaves much than the desired.
  • It is easy to clean but the lock doesn’t seem to be secure enough.

 4. Victorinox Fillet Knife


  • This product is a bestseller in Amazon. It has a 6 inch knife with a thin and flexible blade which is truly ideal for filleting a fish with the control completely yours.
  • It can be tempered with ice, it is high in carbon, and the blade offers its maximum sharpness and retention of its edge.
  • It is also recommended that you hand wash when cleaning for this knife. It has a lifetime warranty against the defects caused by the manufacturer. The
  • The knife is flexible and narrow which allows for getting much meat from the fish after deboning, reducing the wasted flesh to the least.
  • Actually its sharp edge can help in cutting the silver skin of the fish and not the flesh itself.
  • Its handle is ribbed to provide for the maximum grip that it could offer.


  • However, after using it to slice some chicken boneless breast, you can see little chips in the blade already.
  • The blade can lose its sharpness for quite a short time.
  • Its sharpener though is effective in maintaining the sharpness. But that's the thing, when it came out of the box, it is not sharp enough. You will have to sharpen it up.

5. Rada Fillet Knife


  • This knife can be used to fillet fish and it can also be used as a carving knife in the kitchen.
  • It has a hollow ground and it can be hand sharpened.
  • It has a handle that is made of black rubber which can be cleaned only by handwashing.
  • This is an excellent product since its blades are flexible and holds the edge well.
  • The handle has an ergonomic design and it has a soft grip made of rubber to make you feel comfortable when working with it. Its handle doesn’t let you slip and the blade is totally razor sharp.
  • Its blade is flexible enough to have filleted a fish with due precision.
  • The sheath is also of high quality and it is leather.
  • Care and cleaning for this knife is super easy that it would only take you more or less 5 minutes.
  • It was already sharp when it got out of the package and its grip is so comfortable.


  • However, it doesn’t hold the edge for long.
  • Its blade is only good for a few cut and then it gets dull afterwards.
  • It may have come with a decent edge but eventually it gets dull and it also rusts easily.

The Best Fillet Knife Is:

The clear winner of this roundup is that of the Victorinox Fillet Knife. As I have mentioned earlier it is the bestseller and when you look at its quality, there would never be any argument for my choice.

This knife can be tempered with ice, it is high in carbon, and its blades offer the sharpness that would definitely suit your needs, aside from the fact that it is also capable of holding the edge. As you see, it fits much to the qualification that I have presented in the earlier part of this article. For its blades, handles and its flexibility as well.

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