The Best Japanese Rice Cooker Just For Your Majesty

The best among the rest of Japanese Rice Cookers cannot be found in just any corners. You need to know what its qualities should be, the best products that can be found in one of the trusted sites, the Amazon, and the benefits of using the product of your own choosing, among others. Read along and find out what the Best Japanese Rice Cooker is!

Before you can choose the best one among all, you should be able to make sure that you do know what a Rice Cooker is, and what it does.

For your information, a Rice Cooker can play the role of a sauce pan when talking about cooking a rice. Its bowl is and should be a non-stick one, and its lid is, more often than not, made of glass. It also has its exhaust outlet that lets the steam of a boiling water escape as it is cooking your rice.


What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of This Type Of Product?

best japanese rice cooker
  • Its primary advantage is that it lets you be able to cook rice even when you do not really know the conventional way of doing it. You also do not have to worry about burning the rice on its bottom because the right kind of Rice Cooker has a non-stick cooking bowl.
  • The secondary advantage of having a Rice Cooker is that you can save on your grocery items. Instead of buying other items that may be equivalent to rice, you can now purchase the rice rather than having anything else for that matter.
  • The last advantage is that you can have an improved nutrition. Eating rice makes you a healthy person since it is a starch of low calorie which can aid your digestion; it is also free of gluten substance. It can work well even with the most sensitive kind of diets and it is also flexible enough to be the main dish of your meal or that of your snack.

The Feature Of The Best Japanese Rice Cooker Are The Following


best japanese rice cooker

A lot of Rice Cookers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose one that can give you the best comfort and ease that you may want in a Rice Cooker. You can choose a small size Rice Cooker if you are living alone in a house, but if you have company then you can definitely go for a bigger one.

Best Pot

Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Cooking pots also vary in their quality and of the materials that they are made of. For you to clean with ease, you can have one that is chemically treated to have nonstick surfaces. One of the most popular options is that of a pot that is made of aluminum.

However, if you prefer to avoid such surfaces, then you can have an option that is more natural like that of a steel or a clay, depending on your preference.

Program And Settings

best japanese rice cooker

It is only natural that other Rice Cooker models may have grander features than the others, that makes for a competition in the market, right? There are some Rice Cookers that, although it offers the service of cooking rice, may offer more features for multiple rice cooking settings.

It can make you choose for an option of making your rice turn brown, perhaps, or to cook you a rice porridge. Some also offer a clock and a timer to add for your comfort in utilizing a Rice Cooker. Others may also have a digitalized one for more detailed options and settings.


best japanese rice cooker

This is not only an additional feature, it is actually a should-have feature of any Rice Cooker that offers high-quality service. You can have it set before bedtime so you can have a fresh rice for breakfast, or have it set before you take a shower to have some nice meal afterward.


best japanese rice cooker

These models of Rice Cookers often have a button for you to choose if you are going to use it for rice only and such. Some Rice Cookers also come with a steaming tray or a pressure cooker for your meals to be cooked in just one Rice Cooker.


best japanese rice cooker

You may have considered a Rice Cooker's shapes, size, as well as its features but you may also want to take a look at its aesthetics. You might want to have one that has a self-winding plug that has the capability to store the plug internally to prevent it from getting in the way while you are keeping it or something.

Here Are The Best Steps In Using Your Japanese Rice Cookers

  • Put your desired measurement of rice into the pot of the Rice Cooker.
  • Wash the rice then add water into it to cook. Most of the time, it has a one to one correspondence with the rice. If you put one cup of rice, then your water should be one cup also. But this is not definite since some rice absorb water faster than the others when cooked.
  • Wipe the pot to ensure that it is dry enough. If you fail to do this, and your Rice Cooker seems to be fried when you cook the rice, your Rice Cooker is not going to last longer.
  • Close the lid and plug your Rice Cooker’s wire into your outlet and press the ‘Cook rice’ button to start cooking the rice.
  • ​If your Rice Cooker beeps after more or less thirty minutes, it means that your rice is now cooked and ready for dining.
  • After getting all the rice particles out of your Rice Cooker pot, put some water into it to prevent the remaining bits and pieces from sticking to your pot.
  • Wash your Rice Cooker pot and let it dry before having yet another session of cooking again.

5 Best Japanese Rice Cookers

Given these, here are the top five Best Japanese Rice Cookers that you can ever get a hold to:

1. Zojirushi 3-cup Rice Cooker And Warmer

It has a limited one year warranty. It has a capacity of cooking three cups of rice with a micro computerized fuzzy logic technology which may be a very useful feature in this model. It comes with a measuring cup, a rice spatula which is of a non-stick kind, as well as a spatula handle.

It has a keep-warm function which turns on when your rice is near its cooking time already, or if your want to keep your food warm before you eat it. it also has an LCD display of the timer and its inner pan is that of a non-stick kind.

It is capable of cooking sushi, porridge, brown, among others and you can have it served quickly. It can hold up to 3.6oz cups of rice, and for you to ensure this, you have to utilize the cup that comes with the Rice Cooker.

Its manufacturer is Zojirushi. It is an attractive Rice Cooker since it's footprints are considerable for a not too large sized kind of kitchen. It has an effective bowl with a variation of settings for respective kind of cooking.

Its measurement markings are so efficient and it also has an adjustable temperature with a convenient timer. Its attractive feature is its retractable cord and its little holder for the rice paddle which is already included in the package.

However, its display cannot be clearly seen when standing near to it. Also, half of the Rice Cooker can get way hotter than the rest of the bowl. Learn more here.

2. Zojirushi 5 1/2-cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

It has a micro computerized fuzzy logic technology. It can automatically switch to keep warm mode when the rice is already cooked or when it needs additional minutes to be fully cooked; it can extend the keep warm mode, and it also has its system of reheating.

With its clear coated stainless steel as a material for its exterior, it can be cleaned with ease and hassle-free. Its delay time in the timer can last up to two times. The melody and beep which are the designated signals can be interchangeable, its power cord can also be retracted with this. 

The manufacturer of this model is Zojirushi. Its power cord is flexible and retractable. It also has an efficient timer and an insulated container makes it handy. It has a nice sterilization capability and well-balanced handles. It also comes with a bowl which is the super heavy duty and it can be cleaned up pretty easily.

However, it requires a longer time of cooking for white rice. Its clock stays on even when not plugged into the socket and its steam function quite overdoes the cooking. Learn more here.

3. Zojirushi 3-cup Rice Cooker and Warmer (Electric)

It is capable of cooking and/or warming up to three cups of rice; this has a micro computerized (MICOM) logic technology. Its menu settings often include sushi, porridge, rinse-free and quick cooking; just pick any of these and then you can go let your Rice Cooker do its job.

It also has its LCD control panel that is guaranteed to be easy to read one, with a clock and a variety of functions for the timer; it can also automatically warm whatever it is that you are cooking. Its inner pan is a thick spherical one.

This product comes with a rice spatula, two measuring cups, and also the possible recipes that can be cooked in this machine. It has a one-year limited warranty. You have to keep in mind though that when you use this to cook rice, you should use the cup tat goes with this in measuring the rice.

Further, brown rice would need more water than a regular rice and it also requires a longer cooking time, however with this machine, your brown rice could come out just fine. Its manufacturer is Zojirushi. It is compact and perfect for a single person or a couple. Its rice is perfectly cooked and the instructions for doing it is provided and were easy to follow. Clean up can be done with ease.

However, the variation of settings can cause anxiety combined with the instructions that were not clear enough on how to use the built-in clock. Learn more here.

4. Zojirushi Pressure Rice Cooker

It has a menu with multiple of functions which includes settings for a variety of cooking styles for rice. There is a setting which prolongs the soaking and steaming duration for a better taste of cooked rice.

It is convenient use and it also has an LCD panel for controls. It comes with a clock, as well as a delay timer for your comfort. It is manufactured by Zojirushi Kitchen Electrics. It makes a great tasting rice and its design for the inner bowl is better than the previous model.

It cannot be used in cooking oats that are steel cut. The replacement bowl is expensive also.

5. Panasonic Rice Cooker

It can make up to 1.5 cups of rice, and when you use this for cooking, food is just a footstep away since this product offers an automatic command; you just have to press the button and there it goes.

The glass of the lid is see-through so that you can monitor your food being processed. Its pot is made of aluminum to prevent the food particles from sticking to it. it also consumes at most 200 watts of power. It is manufactured by Panasonic. The cooked rice of this product is nicer than anything else and it cooks rather quickly. The quality of the build seems to be solid.

However, this Rice Cooker is more expensive than the other smaller ones with the same function. Learn more here.

The Best Japanese Rice Cooker Is....

Zojirushi 3-cup Rice Cooker and Warmer (Electric)

​Its cons are only that the instructions about the lock were not clearly stated, and that the variation of the settings can cause anxiety

​What makes it the best is that its rice can be compact and perfect for a single person or a couple, the rice can be perfectly cooked, its instructions in the manual are thoroughly stated except of course for the lock, and that the clean-up can be done with great ease.

​It has nice aesthetics, it may leave a mark on your counter but it is a reasonable one anyway, you can have a lot of ways in which you might want your rice to be cooked, or any other food ingredients to make up a recipe. Its bowl has the right features in order to be effective enough and worthy of you.

​It adjusts its temperature, it has a convenient timer in its body, its cord can be retractable, and it also has a nice holder that would make it easier for you to transfer especially if it's too hot for your bare skin to touch its heated surface.

As what has been mentioned earlier for a Rice Cooker to be the best among the rest, its size must be of your own preference, as long as you are comfortable with it, its pot should be easy to clean and should have a surface that is non-stick, different programs and settings which will be yours to decide as to which to use, a timer should be present, it should be versatile, and it should be pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.

You can interested in a multi cooker for your cooking needs.

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