Best Way To Drizzle Chocolate: You Need To Know This For Best Results!

You are tasked to drizzle a chocolate but you happen to not know anything about it. What are the materials needed for the task? How are you going to execute it? Who could be there to help, or be of any assistance to you? What is the best way to drizzle chocolate?

Truly, truly, if you do not know how to overcome a task that you know nothing about, it is important that you have an assistant or anything that may help you. In this case, you are lucky that this article exists.


I like helping people out, whenever they seem to be boggled by something that they are not able to know at the moment but is very achievable once the proper procedure is given. And not just that, I also want to guide you into presenting your drizzled chocolate in the best way possible. So, what are you waiting for, read on!

In order for you to follow the procedure on how to drizzle your tasty chocolate, you have to make sure that you have these materials on hand:

Plastic Pastry Bag

​You need this to quickly, easily, and perfectly drizzle your chocolate.

Best way to drizzle chocolate


You need to provide this also for you to have something to drizzle over your cake, pastry, and the like.Using the materials stated above, you can drizzle your cake, pastry, etc by following the steps presented below:

Step 1

Best way to drizzle chocolate

Fill in the pastry bag with chocolate chips, flakes or what have you. Do not make it full, though, just half of the pastry bag will do. You should also know that the kind of chocolate that is best for drizzling or coating is the one which has a cocoa butter of a higher amount than any other.

Step 2

Highly conditional to your perception on microwaving a plastic, you can either directly place the bag inside the microwave and let the chocolate that it contains melt with a low power and an increment of 30 seconds, or melt the chocolate first on a different machine then place it in the pastry bag.

​Step 3

Since putting the plastic in a microwave is not much of a really good deal, you could melt the chocolate in a saucepan on the stove with a low heat, and fill it in the pastry bag after it has reached a preferable melting point.

One advantage for this is that you are going to be certain that you have totally liquefied the chocolate and that it is to your preference. A great dilemma would definitely exist into reality if it is not melted into the right liquefied point.

​Step 4

Until such time when the chocolate is melted, you can scoop it up with the edge of your pastry bag's tip with your scissors, or better yet, poke a tiny hole with a skewer that is sharp enough for it to be effective and not mess your work up.

Best way to drizzle chocolate

Step 5

Once your melted chocolate is placed into your pastry bag, you can now drizzle it elegantly on the thing that you are working on. The use of your pastry bag leads to the best result that you may eve have.

You can also use:

Parchment Paper

You can use this to drizzle your chocolate into before putting and decorating it into your delicious thing, i.e. cake, pastry, and the like.

How Are You Going To Make Use Of It? Simple, You Can Follow The Directions Below.

STEP 1. Drizzle anything or any style that your mind may come up with on the parchment paper, may it be flat or been already rolled by a rolling pin.

Best way to drizzle chocolate

STEP 2. Smoothly remove your drizzled chocolate decorations from your parchment paper and put it into your dessert to make it look yummier and at the same time glamorous.

​STEP 3. You can also add a few features into your dessert by drizzling coaxial circles into it, just like that of a dartboard. You can then pull a sharp object through those circles, for example, a knife or a toothpick, while they are still in the process of melting to somehow form a decoration that may seem to be like that of a spider web.

Best way to drizzle chocolate

​You can also get rid of your pastry bag and make use of something else.

Squeeze Bottle

Just not like that of a plastic bag, squeeze bottle can help you set the melted chocolate in the proper place and on the angle that you most prefer. With this, you do not have to worry about the spills that it might make on your counter tops like a pastry bag can possibly cause.

​For you to make use of this, follow the instructions below:

​STEP 1. Fill the squeeze bottle with your melted chocolate. Position your arms, as well as the bottle on the area of your dessert that you would want to drizzle on.

Best way to drizzle chocolate

​STEP 2. Quickly drizzle the chocolate on your subject to make it nice and elegant and presentable. Do not slack off to the chocolate the opportunity to glop up. This could greatly affect the quality of your drizzle chocolate.

​Step 3. Smoothly squeeze your squeeze bottle for properly drizzling on your subject. You can do this by moving your arm quickly rather than your wrist. Move it back and forth for the design of your preference.

​Did you enjoy this tutorial? If you so wonder, not only one key procedure on how to drizzle chocolate is presented but a lot many because I am aware that we do have a lot of difference preferences as to how our works should be, but we have the same goal: to have the best output.

​​Giving you a number of procedures means that I am providing with not only one possibility on how to have the best outcome but a lot for you to determine your preferences based on what are presented.

Do you have any comments, thoughts, or any contradictory ideas? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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