The Best Canned Octopus Recipes (# 5 Will Shock You)

The canned octopus is very nutritious and delicious. There is that recipe that you like using to prepare the octopus, to make it delicious always. There are other various canned octopus recipes that you can try at home to enjoy. The following are some of the best recipes that can help the octopus lovers to enjoy.

Don’t feel intimidated by one recipe, you can try others. Choose the one that you love or the ingredients are available.

The following is a list of octopus canned recipes that you can try at home.


Canned octopus recipes

The Smoked Paprika Octopus


Tapas are delicious. The main ingredient in the Spanish tapas is the octopus. Using the canned octopus makes it simpler. The octopus is smoked with pimento or paprika which is used mostly in tapas meals.

The crispy potato cubes make this recipe to be more delicious. The potato cubes will take the flavor and color of the paprika. The meal can be served with wine. You can also some appetizers. It can be served in parties and at home.

The Greek Stewed Octopus In The Tomato Paste And Sauce


This dish was served during the Greek lent. It was eaten on the day the lent started. This was served with Lagana, olives, and tramosalata. The lean protein, starch, and the tomato make the meal complete and nutritious.

The recipe requires 2 pounds of octopus and a pound of paste. The octopus will shrink, it is used in the recipe to add taste, not as the main dish. This can be paired with salad. The dish may be strange but it is tasty.

You can serve the whole family and friends including the kids!

Canned Octopus For A Salad

If you have no time to cook the whole octopus, you can prepare this easily and faster. The canned octopus may be packed with salt and soya oil. A can that weighs 4 ounces can be used to serve 2 people.

Canned octopus recipes
  • The texture is firm with a flavor that is smokey. You can get your cans from the store. Drain the octopus and rinse it. pat it to dry well before you start to prepare. Mix the fish with olive oil, lemon juice, and marinate it for about an hour as you prepare a dessert or main dish.
  • You can veggies like scallions, cucumber, cilantro, Anaheim chili, aji dulce peppers, and others. Use coarse salt to sprinkle and drizzle with red wine vinegar before you serve. The ingredients should not be used in excess. They may alter the taste of the octopus. You can also add cherry tomatoes, chopped mango or avocado slices.

This can be served as a salad with pizza bread or bruschetta!

The Octopus Scallion Karashi Sumisoae Oriental Style

This is marinated in a mixture of miso, vinegar, and Japanese mustard. Any seafood that is used for sashimi can go well this dish. You can try this at home and enjoy. You can use any other seafood to get different dishes.

This meal should be eaten immediately. This is because, if left for some time it will be mushy and the scallions will change their color.

The Octopus Salad

This is a Mexican type of octopus salad. It has red and green onion, tomatoes, cilantro, and cucumbers. It can be topped over tostadas or tacos. The octopus should be blanched first before it is slow cooked in its juices and the aromatic herbs.

Slow cooking ensures that the meat of the fish is tender. The meat is then chopped and tossed with other ingredients of the salad. You can use cider vinegar, lime juice, chili, and olive oil marinade for some hours.

The Pulpo Gallego Octopus With The Paprika

This is basically a salad made of octopus. There are different versions of this dish. It is cooked with paprika and olive oil. The dish is ideal in any weather. The garlic and paprika will give you a warming effect as you eat. The octopus can be finished on the grill or broiler.

After broiling or grilling, the octopus is dipped in olive oil with a little cayenne and paprika. Pepper and salt can be added with lemon juice or vinegar.

This can be served as an appetizer and tapa dish!

The Octopus With Potatoes


Clean the potatoes well and boil them in a pot for about 20 minutes. The peppers are roasted then peeled. Cut the peppers after roasting them. The potatoes are cut and mixed with the roasted pepper and the cut octopus. Mix the lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pour over the potatoes with octopus.

The Octopus Creole

This is a delicious meal. It comprises of the seafood, rice, and vegetable. When preparing this delicacy, you may need onions, olive oil, celery, salt, flour, chili powder, canned tomatoes, peas, vinegar, water, octopus, sugar, and boiled rice.

The celery and onions are sautéed in oil. Then the flour and water are added. The mixture is cooked for few minutes and then the peas, tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, and the octopus are heated gently.

The cooked rice is molded into cones and then surrounded by the creole.

The Paella

This recipe has rice in it. It is a traditional Spanish meal. The paella is made with from the leftovers.

  • When making the paella you may need chicken breasts, water, bouillon cube soup, white rice, sausage that is smoked, pigeon peas, the sazon seasoning, paella mix, and canned octopus.
  • The chicken is boiled in water and the bouillon soup for about half an hour. The chicken is then taken out. The other ingredients like the peas, paella, sausage, sazon seasoning, rice, are added to the broth. Ensure that they mixed well. Let them cook for about half an hour. The rice should cook well. Ensure that the paella is not dry.
  • The bones in the chicken breasts should be removed before they are sliced. Take the octopus out of the can and discard the oil. They are mixed with the rice mixture gently.

This recipe is easier and simple. You can prepare it at home to treat the kids and the whole family. This can be served in parties and other events.

Did you enjoy reading the above list of recipes? The above are some of the canned octopus recipes that you can try at home and enjoy. If you love this eight-legged seafood, feel free to try any of the recipes. Ensure that the octopus is in good condition before it is prepared.

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