The Best Dijon Mustard Substitute For Your Recipes

Does your recipe call for Dijon mustard? Do you have it at the moment? If you don’t have it, don’t worry. The following are some of the best Dijon mustard substitute that you can use in your recipe. It has a taste that is unique and a bit spicy. It is not too acidic.



The Yellow Mustard

Dijon mustard substitute

This mustard will give your recipe a tart. It is also known as the American mustard. It is smoother than the Dijon mustard. The taste is mild. This is because it is less spicy as compared to the Dijon mustard.

The yellow mustard contains essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and phosphorus. It gets its color from turmeric. This is a natural food color. It is also used as a curative ingredient.


The Spicy Brown Mustard

Dijon mustard substitute

This will make your food hot and spicy. This can be used instead of the Dijon mustard. It is dark brown with a spicier flavor. The brown mustard seeds give it the brown color. The mustard seeds are soaked in vinegar to give it a pronounced spiciness.

This has a coarser texture as compared to the Dijon mustard. This is because the bran of the mustard seeds remains after processing. The spicy brown mustard can be mixed with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and other spices to give it an earthy flavor.


The Honey Mustard

Dijon mustard substitute

This can be substituted with sweet Dijon mustard. It is made from honey and mustard. The honey makes it sweet. This can be used for the pork dishes, chicken recipes, and vegetable recipes. It is mostly paired with salads, French fries, or the soft pretzels.

The honey mustard can be used as a condiment alone or mixed with other condiments. The honey mustard can be combined with other spices if you want to glaze or marinade. This will improve the taste of the food. You can get this in the grocery store or make it at home.



Dijon mustard substitute

This is a spicy option that can be used as a Dijon substitute. It contains a lot of heat. You only need a small amount of the wasabi. The hotness of this spice makes it pleasing to some people. The hotness will only last for a few minutes. This is mostly used in sushi recipes.

The wasabi has antibacterial properties which reduce the food poisoning risk. It also contains potassium, zinc, and magnesium.


Horseradish Root, Honey, And Sour Cream

Dijon mustard substitute

If you don’t have the Dijon mustard, you can use the horseradish rot together with the honey and the sour cream. Clean the horseradish root well before you grate it. Then puree it with other ingredients. This will give you a sweet tangy mixture.

The spicy taste is from the horseradish. You only need a small amount of this. This is because it is very hot. It is stronger than the mustard.

The sour cream has a tangy taste. This is due to the lactic acid added in the cream. The honey will make the mixture sweet. You can use organic honey that has no preservatives.


Turmeric, Garlic, Salt, And Chili Peppers

Dijon mustard substitute

This mixture will have a spicy flavor that is similar to the Dijon mustard. The turmeric will give the mixture a yellow color. It is also a source of manganese, iron, and vitamin B6. Ground it first before use. Salt will provide the taste for the mixture. The spicy character is from the chili peppers and the garlic. Grind all the ingredients and mix them well.


Dry Mustard, Mayonnaise, White Wine, Water, And Sugar Mixture

Dijon mustard substitute

These ingredients will give you Dijon mustard. The seeds are soaked in the wine for about 2 days. Mix all the ingredients in a mortar and pestle. The wine vinegar should not overpower the seeds. You can use the white vinegar and the dry white wine vinegar if you don’t have the white wine vinegar. Heavy cream can be used instead of the mayonnaise.

This is an old French mustard. The name comes from Dijon town in Burgundy. Mustard making was done in this town during the middle ages. The mustard seeds were combined with the unfermented juice from grapes.

Uses Of Dijon Mustard

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Making Dijonnaisse

The above are some of the Dijon mustard substitutes that you can use. If you don’t have the Dijon mustard in the cabinet you can just use any of the substitutes. Use an appropriate amount of the substitutes to get the best results.

Have you ever tried the above Dijon substitutes? Feel free to share your experiences, tips, ideas, and questions in the comments section.

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