Does Sesame Oil Go Bad? You Should Know This

If you go to buy this oil in a grocery, will you buy more bottles of the sesame oil? Do you want to save some few coins and time? How long will the oil stay on the shelf without going bad? The question that we all need the answer is: does sesame oil go bad?

Sesame oil is derived from the sesame seeds. It is used in several cuisines like Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and others. It can be used in different kinds of your recipes. It is an important ingredient in any kitchen. This will give your food more flavor and a distinct taste. It has a nutty odor.


Can Sesame Oil Go Bad?

Sesame oil is like any other vegetable oil. The above question is common when it comes to cooking oils including the sesame oil. The shelf life is not too long after opening. It will only stay for some months before it goes bad or rancid.

The sesame oil is very healthy. This is because it contains different types of nutrients. It can also be used for other purposes other than cooking. You can use it as a remedy and for massaging.

The following information will help us to know more about the sesame oil.

How To Store The Oil?

The oil should be kept in a dry and cool place. It should be away from sunlight, oxygen, water, and other sources of heat. The oil can be stored in the pantry if it has not been opened. If it is open, keep it in the fridge for it to remain fresh and of high quality for a long time. Before you store the oil, ensure that it is tightly sealed. This will prevent pollutants away.

Does sesame oil go bad

Sesame Oil Shelf Life

Does sesame oil go bad

The sesame oil bottles should have the expiry date labeled clearly. This does not mean that it will go bad after the date. The date is only an estimate for the time that the oil will stay at its best quality. The shelf life is usually about 2 years after the production date. After it is opened, the oil should be used within 6 months. This is when the oil is at its best quality.

The oil cannot go bad easily after the expiry date if it is kept well. It is the quality that will start to deteriorate. The oil will be rancid eventually if it is stored for a longer period.

If you don’t use much of the oil, you can buy the oil in small bottles. This will ensure that you don’t discard much of it when it has gone rancid.

If the oil is refrigerated, it will solidify. This is normal. It will easily return to its normal state at room temperature.

How To Know That The Oil Has Gone Bad

You may decide to discard the oil not because it is bad or rancid, but because the quality is not good. It is good to know whether the oil is still usable and edible. Oil that is not at its best quality will make your dish to taste bad.

If your oil has stayed on the shelf past its expiry date, ensure that you taste and smell it. You will see some small changes in the color, smell, and the taste. If the changes are significant, just discard the oil.

Does sesame oil go bad

The elements will affect the quality of the oil easily. The longer you keep the oil, the poor the quality it will have. You can consider some of its uses to ensure that all the sesame oil is well used to avoid discarding it.

The oil may get some mold and bacteria on the inside. This will show you that the oil is bad. The rancid oil should not be used often. It will damage the liver.

Uses Of Sesame Oil

Does sesame oil go bad
  • It can be used for stir-frying or sautéing.
  • The sesame oil that is toasted can be used for drizzling or finishing to add flavor.
  • The oil can be added to condiments and marinades.
  • It can also be used for non-cooking purposes. It can be used like a skin detoxifier, moisturizer, sunscreen, and others.

Like any other oil, the sesame oil can go bad. Ensure that you don’t purchase more of the oil to discard. You can buy the oil in small bottles to save money. The oil can be used for cooking and non-cooking purposes and the best way to cook a greens.

Remember The Following

Does sesame oil go bad
  • A sour and unpleasant odor. The oil should have a nice fragrant and a pleasant fresh smell.
  • A bad taste. Sesame at its better quality should be nutty with a slight musky.
  • The sesame oil should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place. Away from heat, water, and oxygen.
  • This sesame oil can be kept in the fridge like other seed or nut oils.

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