How To Defrost Shrimp: 4 Amazingly Easy Ways To Thaw That Shrimp

How to defrost shrimp? Have you ever cooked with frozen food? Cooking is probably one of the most exciting hobbies, especially if it involves seafood! Who wouldn’t love seafood right? However, achieving the best seafood dish will take you time, and of course effort.

Have you ever decided to cook shrimp but you have problems in how to defrost it? Defrosting foods like shrimps is a tiring job if you don’t know how, but it becomes super easy and fun if you know the tricks on how to do it!


In this article I’m going to share with you will help you defrost your shrimp and make your cooking, or whatever it is, enjoyable and easy! Even if there are a lot of options when trying to avail shrimps, fresh shrimps are the best in contrast with frozen ones. Who wouldn’t want fresh ones right?

how to defrost shrimp?

The reason behind this is that almost every single shrimp that can be bought in the market was once frozen, to avoid spoilage. However, frozen goods such as frozen shrimp are the kind of shrimp normal buyer like us usually purchases.

The size, the taste, the texture and whether it is peeled or not, everything is irrelevant, mostly because a lot of markets sell shrimps that are once frozen and has been defrosted. That is the shrimps that buyer purchases are frozen the day before the act of purchasing and then defrosted by the time the shrimps are ready to be sold.

Certainly, this isn’t a bad thing at all. This is actually how the shrimp markets are being patronized and continuously giving crustaceans a treat.

Things You Need To Prepare When Defrosting A Shrimp

​If you are the consumer and happened to buy a frozen shrimp, which happens all the time, you might find the defrosting process very tedious but very necessary also because you cannot just cook the frozen shrimp right? It needs to be defrosted.

​Worry no more. I prepared a list of the things you should prepare before defrosting that shrimp you want to cook. It’s just super easy I assure you!

how to defrost shrimp?
  • Prepare your fridge. You can thaw or defrost your shrimp in the refrigerator. Just make sure that it’s working well and doesn’t smell bad.
  • Prepare boiling water. You can also defrost the shrimp with boiling water.
  • Do not defrost in the sink using tap water. This is not an advisable way to defrost shrimp or any meat. Avoid this for health purposes. It is still your preference and comfort that matters here, in whatever way possible you can defrost your shrimp you can do it as long as it is advisable.

4 Simple Steps To Defrost Shrimp

Shrimps are mostly enjoyed when eaten warm and cooked, or chilled after being cooked, like that of a salad. However, before going to the cooking process, the shrimp should be defrosted first. How to defrost shrimp is one process that factors the final texture of the shrimp.

​When frozen shrimps are bought in a seafood case, the steps to defrost it are:

  • Get out the shrimps from the bag. Place it in a container and return it to the freezer.
  • Put the shrimp in a colander or sieve and then place it in a big bowl containing cold tap water. This process is convenient for lifting the shrimps outside and into the water. In this way, the shrimp’s texture and taste will be preserved.
  • Let it soak for at least 10 minutes. Next, remove the colander and every single piece of the shrimp from the water. Remove as well the old water in the bowl and fill it again with cold tap water, and do the process all over again.
  • The process should be left for 10-20 minutes or until the shrimp is completely defrosted. Dry them up before actually cooking.
how to defrost shrimp?

Other Ways Of Defrosting A Shrimp

Take note of the guide I’m going to share with you because if you cannot do the things mentioned above, these might be the alternative.

1. Using a refrigerator. Place the shrimp in a covered bowl

In the following day, wash them with cold water and dry pat it with a paper or tissue just right before the process of cooking. Warm water shouldn’t be used for the reason that shrimps are going to defrost unevenly, as well as its looks when cooked.

Moreover, just like any other seafood, shrimp can easily perish and most shrimp eaters want them to be cold overnight or until the time one cooks them.

2. Moreover, never use a microwave when defrosting

When shrimps are cooked abruptly using the microwave, the resulted shrimp will be mushy, and unnatural to partake. One doesn’t want to eat an ill-tasting shrimp thus; the long process is just good enough to enjoy the shrimp treat.

3. But if one wants to thaw the shrimp the fastest way possible, the use of boiling water could be very helpful

To do this, one should boil a pot of water into a container that is large enough that a number of shrimps are held properly. As soon as the water is boiling, drop every single piece of the shrimp into the water and leave it for a minute. Lastly, dry the shrimps up by using paper towels before trying to cook it.

Cooking shrimps are one of the easiest dishes one could ever experience, we all agree to that right? It’s unique and very tasty meat could be combined with almost anything from salad to pasta. That’s why shrimps are highly patronized in markets that primarily sold seafood.

how to defrost shrimp?

Fresh and wild shrimps are the best types of shrimps but it can be very hard to purchase one in the market. That is, most of the shrimps that can be bought in the market are mostly frozen. However, as a cook or an aspiring chef, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thus, defrosting frozen shrimps is one of the most important things one should bear in mind. Although there are steps that are easy and short, the best way to thaw shrimps are those steps that are time-consuming. Through this, your patience is not the only the value being tested in waiting for the shrimp to thaw but also the kind of texture and the general taste of the shrimp relies on the process of defrosting.

I hope that this guide and some of the alternatives I included will help you the next you are going to the best shrimp dish ever. Putting up this article is essential to me, too, because some of the information I provided wasn’t available for me the time I needed it, and I don’t want that to happen to anybody else. 

​So, I hope that this article gives you the ultimate guide in defrosting your shrimp. If you have comments, suggestions, and further questions don’t be shy to ask me right away. The comment box is just one click away. Make the best of the lessons you might get!

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