How To Serve Tamales Perfectly At Home

Do you love tamales? How can you prepare them? How do you serve the tamales? These are some of the questions that you may need answers before cooking the tamales. The tamales are versatile, but it may be hard to decide on how to serve them. You should ensure that they don’t dry up after serving. The tamales can be served with different sauces and side dishes. The following information will help you on how to serve tamales perfectly at home.

How to serve tamales


The Tamales

This a Mexican delicacy. It is made of wet masa or any other corn flour. The masa is seasoned well with spices and meat broth. The masa can be paired with chicken, beef, pork, cheese, chorizo, and chili. You can make your tamales by adding fresh fruits.

The fillings are wrapped in banana leaves, plantain leaves, or corn husks. When steaming the tamales, ensure that they don’t come into contact with the boiling water.

Pull the husk away from the dough to check the doneness of the tamales. When ready, the husk will come out clean. If they are not clean, cook them for few minutes.

When ready, let the tamales cool for few minutes before you serve. If cold, they can be reheated easily using different methods.

You can leave them wrapped when serving or unwrap them.

How to serve tamales: perfectly at home

Steps To Follow

  • Coking the tamales.
  • Ensure that they cook well by checking the doneness.
  • When ready cool.
  • Plating the tamales.
  • Choose the right side-dish and then add your favorite dish.
How to serve tamales: perfectly at home

How To Serve The Tamales

They can be served on banana leaves or the corn husks that you used when cooking. They can be reused easily with a little effort. This is because they are durable. Clean husks or leaves can also be used for serving.

You can choose to serve the tamales on the husks rather than putting them between the plate and food. You don’t need a plate. This method will make the cleanup process easier and simple. If you want to serve with your favorite sauce, you can use bowls.

Some of the dishes that you can serve with tamales

Rice is the most popular side dish when serving tamales. It is the best choice. You can also serve the tamales with beans. Chilies can also be used as a side dish for tamales.

How to serve tamales: perfectly at home


Making tamales at home is easier. You can use the spices that you want. You choose your favorite fillings.

The common fillings are beef, chicken or pork that are shredded. If you are a vegetarian, use cheese or spinach. Reduced salsa can also be used as a filling. Ensure that the fillings are not runny.


The sauce will help you to add your own twist to the meal. The following are some of the sauces that you can try.

The mole sauce

The mole verder

The mole sauces are commonly used in Mexico. You make the negro sauce that contains chocolate and chilies.

This is made with a mixture of green chilies and pumpkin seeds. You can also add the green tomatoes.

Pumpkin mole


This goes well with chicken tamales. You can also use a plain chili sauce.

This is a good choice if you want something exotic. If you cannot afford the Mexican crema, the American sour cream can be used. You can add a little lime, a clove of garlic, or cilantro to make it better.

How to serve tamales: perfectly at home

Tips And Ideas

The tamales are easier to serve. You have a chance to mix and match. You can serve the dish in different ways. If you use cheese and spinach as fillings, use a red sauce to serve the tamales. Ensure that the food is spaced out.

The husks can be soaked for few minutes before you start cooking the tamales. This will prevent them from drying out.

When serving the tamales, play with colors, sauces, and the fillings.

There is no right way to serve the meal. You can be creative when serving.

How to serve tamales: perfectly at home

The above are some of the ways that you can use to prepare and serve the tamales. You can serve them the way you want. This is because there is no specific way on how you can serve tamales. Different fillings can be used when preparing tamales. Rice, beans, or chilies can be used as side dishes when serving. You can also serve with your favorite sauce. Have you ever cooked tamales? How did you serve them? Please feel free to share your ideas, tips, and experience in the comments section.

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