The Best Substitute For Tomato Paste That You Can Use

When you have a recipe that needs the Tomato Paste and you don’t have any in the house, what can you do to substitute for tomato paste? There are other things that you can be used as substitute for the paste. Some of the things include the ketchup and the tomato sauce. Their consistency is too thin but they can be used to substitute the Tomato Paste.

If you don’t have the ketchup or the Tomato Sauce, you can use the chopped or stewed tomatoes. They will give your dish the best texture and the flavor too. If you are intolerant to the tomatoes, you crush the red peppers and use them to substitute the Tomato Paste.


What Is A Tomato Paste?

Substitute For Tomato Paste

The Tomato Paste is made by cooking tomatoes for some hours so that the moisture can be reduced. The skin and the seeds are removed by straining and pureeing. It is cooked again to be more thick and concentrated. The Paste can be made at home or you can get it from the store. It is found in a tube or a can.

It can be used in chili, braising liquid, or Pasta sauce recipes. The Paste adds flavor without increasing the tomato liquid or volume. You can reduce the volume of the liquid by using the Tomato Paste. This can be added to the beef dishes like the meatloaf and the meatballs. It will improve the flavor of the dish greatly.

The Tomato Paste can be used in most dishes due to the following:

  • It can be used to boost the flavor of the dish faster that other ingredients.
  • It is used to enhance the sauces.
  • It enriches the stews and braises to make them more delicious.
  • You can use the Tomato Paste to add a splash of color in the dish.
  • It can be used a sweetener, binding agent, or a thickener.

The Best Substitute For Tomato Paste That You Can Use

1. Substituting The Tomato Paste With The Tomato Sauce

Substitute For Tomato Paste

This can be used as a Substitute For Tomato Paste. The Tomato Sauce is thinner than the Paste. To have better results, you need to reduce the amount of liquid that you use when cooking. If the recipe needs the tomato paste and water, you can only use the Tomato Sauce without the water.

For example, when cooking marinara sauce or spaghetti sauce recipes. Ensure that you don’t use water in these recipes or you can allow about a half an hour to turn the sauce into a thick substance.

The required ingredients

  • Tomato sauce
  • A saucepan
  • White sugar
  • Wooden spoon

On a stove top, preheat the saucepan over medium heat.

Heat a cup of Tomato Sauce if the recipe needs ½ cup of the Tomato Paste.

Stir the sauce using the wooden spoon until it comes to simmer. This will prevent the Tomato Sauce from getting burnt at the bottom.

Add a teaspoon of white sugar into the Tomato Sauce and keep on stirring for about a minute.

Allow the Tomato Sauce to simmer for about a half an hour as you stir occasionally.

As the Tomato Sauce boils to half after about a half an hour it will start to thicken.

Substitute For Tomato Paste

Take the saucepan off the stove and let it cool to room temperature to thicken. This can take up to an hour.

Stir the Tomato Sauce so that it can have an even consistency.

Use this sauce the same way you could have used the Tomato Paste in your cooking.

Ensure that the sauce is simmered for the excess water to evaporate. This will ensure that the recipe is not watery.

2. How To Substitute Tomato Paste With The Ketchup

Substitute For Tomato Paste

This can be used in the lace of Tomato Paste in some of your recipes. The ketchup also has very thin consistency. This means it cannot be used to thicken your sauce. If you can cook with the ketchup and the Tomato Sauce, it can make the sauce a little thicker.

You can mix the two and let them simmer to reduce the amount of water. This will make them thick enough to be used in the sauces.

3. How To Substitute The Tomato Paste With Stewed Tomatoes

Substitute For Tomato Paste

If you don’t have the Tomato Paste this can be the best substitute. Ensure that is drained properly before you use it in cooking. The stewed tomatoes can be simmered so that the liquid can evaporate. These tomatoes can be chunkier than the paste itself.

You can add the texture to your dish rather than thickening the dish. The dish will acquire a tomato taste that is sufficient enough.

The following will help you to make the stewed tomatoes at home. This can be the way to use the remaining tomatoes.

The required ingredients

  • 4 tomatoes
  • ¼ finely chopped bell pepper
  • 2 stalks of finely chopped celery
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • Pepper and salt
  • A teaspoon of accent seasoning
  • 2 cups of water

Place the tomatoes in hot water to soak, so that they can peel off. This should take about a minute.

Pull the tomato skin gently to peel.

Place the peeled tomatoes in a large pot and add the remaining ingredients.

Cover them and boil for about 15 minutes. The tomatoes should be tender.

When ready, you can use it where the recipe needs the Tomato Paste.

The tomatoes can be served with croutons or any other meal that you love.

4. How To Substitute The Paste With The Freshly Chopped Tomatoes?

Substitute For Tomato Paste

This can be used instead of the Paste in some cases. You can remove the seeds before the tomatoes are chopped or diced. You can do this by cutting the tomatoes in halves, use a spoon to scoop out the seeds. After removing the seeds, you can puree or chop the tomatoes.

If you are not able to eat the tomatoes, or any tomato product, or you are allergic or intolerant to the tomatoes. You can use other vegetables to substitute the Tomato Paste.

5. How To Substitute The Tomato Paste With The Red Peppers

Substitute For Tomato Paste

This is the best substitute for those that are allergic to the tomato products. The peppers should be finely chopped. You can puree the chopped peppers using a blender and then cook. This will help the excess moisture to evaporate. This paste will not add any tomato taste in your food, it will only add the tomato color. The sauce will also be thick.

Did you enjoy reading the above information? The Tomato Paste is great when cooking sauces, soups, and other dishes. It makes them be more flavorful. But if you run out of the Tomato Paste, don’t be so worried. You can use any of the above substitutes to achieve the desired results.

If you have any other substitute or question to ask, please feel free to share with us in the comments section.

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