What Is Induction Cookware, You Need To Know Its Advantages!

What is induction cookware? Is it good for homes? How reliable is it? What are the advantages we can get from using it? I am going to address those questions in this article I put up specifically about induction cookware.

If you are used moving around the kitchen, then you already experienced getting irritated with the waste heat your gas hobs produce. You want to try induction cookware for more efficient use. But what is an induction cooker really?


Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooking and Cookware

First of all, what is induction cooking? Induction cooking heats a vessel by magnetic induction and not by a thermal induction from an electrical element or flame. Inductive heating directly heats the cooking vessel and a speedy temperature increase can be achieved.

In an induction cookware, a copper wire coil is placed under a cooking pot below the ceramic surface making the alternate electric current pass through it. This cookware does not generate heat. It induces electrons to move and create an electric current in the magnetic field. The created current produces heat in the cookware.

If you are switching to induction cooktops, the thing you have to remember is that the cooking vessel should be made of the following: ferromagnetic metal like stainless steel or cast iron. An enameled pots and ceramic-clad pans can also work with inductive cooktops because there is a hidden magnetic iron pan in the layers of the ceramic.

However, there are pot materials that don’t work with induction. Some of it is glass, aluminum, and copper; except if these materials are made with magnetic layers on the bottom.

But, how do we know that are pans are magnetic or not? What if we do not know what the pans are made? There is an easy way to know that. Get a magnet and hold it near the pan’s bottom surface. If the magnet sticks to the pan, then it is magnetic. Good news, it can be used for induction cooking.

Why Choose/Switch to Induction Cookware?

1. No Wasted Heat

If you choose induction over gas cooking, you might find very efficient. Remember that the energy in induction cooking is directly transferred to the cooking vessel via a magnetic field. Therefore, almost all energy sources are directly transferred to the vessel.

With gas cookers, the energy is converted to heat first before transferring it to the cooking vessel resulting in a lot of wasted heat in your kitchen. The two results of using induction cookware are cooler kitchen, cooler stovetop.

Because there is no wasted heat when using induction, your kitchen would be much cooler compared to using the conventional cookers. The stovetop also barely gets warm when you use induction cookware. With this kind of cookware, you will not be suffering from baked spills and burned fingers anymore.

2. It Is More Safe

I already mentioned earlier that induction stovetop barely gets warm. It means a safer home for the elderly, children and injured. If you turn the induction element to its maximum, if you place your palm over it, you won’t feel a slight amount of heat.

​The units also detect if there are ferrous materials around the area, for example, a ring in your finger or a bracelet in your hand. If it detects something, the unit does not turn on. Impressive right? It’s not just safe, but very convenient too.

​3. Easy Installation, And Clean!

​Induction cookware units do not require long inches of depth below your countertop; it’s thin in vertical and just requires two inches in depth. If you want a wheelchair access in the cooking area, you can do it. Induction cookware will make it easy for you.

what is induction cookware

Another thing is that the cookers need electricity to get power and our homes have access to it. Unlike gas cookers which need gas pipeline or propane and takes up much space, induction cookware is easy to use because all of us have electricity in our homes.

​Induction cookware eliminates the byproducts the gas cookers produce. You will have a very clean kitchen if you use induction cookware. Byproducts vaporize and condense on your countertop, who would not want to get rid of that right?

Like the ever product, induction cookware also has its little disadvantages. However, consumers find easy solutions on those compare to the conventional gas cookware. Those who switched to induction cooking, especially professional cooks, and mothers who love to cook, find it very efficient and less problematic.

Now that you know what an induction cooker is, are ready to switch now? Cheers to a more efficient and clean cooking!

what is induction cookware

I hope that you appreciate the information I gave you and that you find it helpful. Experience a new kind of cooking in your homes and workplace now.

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