What To Serve With Cabbage Rolls? You Should Know This

Do you know how to make cabbage rolls? What can be used a filling? If you love the cabbage rolls, the big question is what to serve with cabbage rolls? Cabbage rolls can be served with different dishes and sauces. This is a favorite dish in most homes throughout the world. This makes it difficult to choose a dish that can go well with the cabbage rolls. The side dish depends on the fillings used.

The following are some of the side dishes that you can try to serve with the cabbage rolls.

what can be served with cabbage rolls


  • Mashed potatoes and applesauce
  • Sauces
  • Tomato sauce and green beans
  • Baked mushrooms or eggplant
  • Minced pork
  • Sour cream and paprika
  • Mushroom gravy or dipping sauce
  • Vegetable salad that is marinated
  • Boiled chicken with broth
  • Cornbread stuffed with mushrooms

Cabbage Roll Recipes

The following recipes can be used to prepare the cabbage rolls and the side dishes.

1. The Cabbage Rolls With Mashed Potatoes

The ingredients that you will need

  • 4 tablespoons of butter
  • 350ml of milk
  • Salt
  • 125 g of rice
  • Ground pepper
  • A medium green cabbage

Ingredients for mashed potatoes

  • 40g of butter
  • 150ml of milk
  • 500g of potatoes
  • Nutmeg

Preheat the oven up to 350 degrees F.

Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan and then cook the rice until it is soft.

Pour milk into the pan with rice. Add pepper and salt to achieve the desired taste.

Cover the mixture and boil over low heat for about 20 minutes. The mixture should be creamy.

Let the mixture cool.

Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage and discard them. Remove about 10 large leaves and take off the stems.

Put the leaves in salty water that is boiling for about 2 minutes. Take them out and rinse with cold water. Ensure that they are drained well.

Remove the core from the remaining cabbage and chop the leaves finely.

Mix the rice, chopped cabbage, the ground meat, and mustard. Use the pepper and salt to season.

Divide your mixture over the cabbage leaves.

Roll them well and tie if possible. You can use kitchen twine to tie.

In a roasting pan, melt the remaining butter and fry the cabbage rolls. Turn them carefully to cook evenly.

Add the broth on top of the cabbage rolls. Add the lingonberries and then drizzle with the molasses.

Put the mixture in the preheated oven for an hour.

As you bake ensure that the rolls are turned occasionally to baste with the juices from the meat.

Clean and peel the potatoes.

Cook them for about 30 minutes in water with salt. Drain the excess liquid and allow to evaporate.

Mash the potatoes and then mix with butter and milk. Mix well to make a smooth puree. You can use an immersion blender to mix.

Add a pinch of salt, nutmeg, and pepper to taste.

Cut the cabbage rolls and serve. You can serve with puree and sauce.

2. The Pressure Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

The ingredients required

  • A cup of rice
  • A large cabbage
  • An egg
  • ½ teaspoon of black pepper
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • A cup of chopped onions
  • 1 ½ lb of ground beef or pork

Ingredients for the sauce

  1. 1
    2 tablespoons of butter
  2. 2
    3 cloves of garlic
  3. 3
    A cup of finely chopped onion
  4. 4
    ¼ cup of vinegar
  5. 5
    A can of tomato sauce, 8oz.
  6. 6
    2 cans of chopped tomatoes with their juice
  7. 7
    2 teaspoons of instant beef bouillon
  1. 1
    A teaspoon of onion powder
  2. 2
    A tablespoon of cornstarch
  3. 3
    ½ teaspoon of black pepper, ground
  4. 4
    ½ teaspoon of garlic powder
  5. 5
    3 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
  6. 6
    Freshly chopped parsley
  7. 7
    2 tablespoons of cold water

Cook the rice and fluff with a fork. Set it aside.

Boil water in a large pot over high heat. The pot should be half full.

Remove the core of the cabbage carefully and dip the cabbage in the boiling water.

Cover the pot and cook for about 7 minutes. Take it out and remove the soft leaves. Let them cool.

Boil the remaining cabbage for about 7 minutes to get more leaves.

As soon as you get the desired number of leaves, cook the remaining cabbage until it is tender.

Take it out and chop coarsely and set it aside.

In a saucepan, melt the butter, add the chopped onions and cook until they turn golden brown. Add the minced garlic and cook for a minute.

Add the tomatoes, vinegar, tomato sauce, garlic powder, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce and other ingredients for the sauce.

Mix the ingredients properly and taste.

Take the sauce from the heat and add the chopped cabbages. Set it aside.

Beat the egg in a large bowl. Add all the fillings, seasoning, and the spices. Use a wooden spoon to mix. Ensure that they combine well.

Lay the leaves on a flat surface and put 2 tablespoons of the filling at the bottom of every leaf.

Roll them and ensure that the filling is away from the top edge. The rolls can be secured with a toothpick.

Put the rolls in the pressure cooker and add a cup of water.

Cover them with a third of the sauce. Add more rolls and then the sauce.

Don’t overfill the pressure cooker. Set it at 18 minutes. When the time is over, unplug the cooker and wait for about 15 minutes and release the remaining pressure.

Place the rolls on a serving plate and boil the sauce.

Mix the cornstarch and water then add to the sauce.

Serve the cabbage rolls with the sauce and enjoy.

There are various dishes that can be served with the cabbage rolls. The above are some of the side dishes that you can try at home.

Do you know any other side dish that can be used? Please feel free to share with us in the comments section.

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